Our story

Founded by Disston, a first generation Chinese-Australian who was born and raised in Perth and Indonesia respectively and now calls the mountain ranges in Whistler home. Disston's Dumplings is the culmination of a lifelong passion for food and to serve others. Our purpose is simple - spreading joy through delicious moments.

From a young age, Disston would spend time in the kitchen with his mum and dad. Although it wasn't just time in the kitchen that prepared him for this journey - watching mum harvest her own vegetables, learning how to carefully wash and prepare produce, going with dad to the local villages to source freshly caught seafood and seeing how other cultures respected food - experiences that seemed trivial at the time but now form the foundations of Disston's Dumplings. 

Disston's previous life entailed working for Mars Food Australia where he spent 4 years developing himself across their logistics, quality assurance, and sales teams. It was at Mars where Disston would truly discover the joy in cooking for others. Morning teas, lunches, afternoon tea, you name it, Disston was likely cooking or baking something for it. And if he wasn't at his desk then he was in the R&D kitchen, which was a lot. These experiences and the 4 years learning from some of the best would pave the way to him starting Disston's Dumplings. 

Our core dumpling range pays homage to the Northern Chinese dumpling known as guotie or potstickers - traditionally served with crispy bottoms and supple tops but open to any interpretation, really. Our point of difference? Our original recipes. We make our own dough, our own fillings, and of course, our own secret chili oil mix to deliver a flavour experience that compares to no other.

We believe these are the best dumplings you've (n)ever had, we might ruin all other dumplings for you and for that we do not apologise.