Deep Fry/Air Fry

The you-can't-go-wrong, this-will-taste-good-no-matter-what-method

Remove dumpling pack from outer pouch.

Cooking appliance temperatures may vary, adjust accordingly. 

Deep Fry

Add oil to deepfryer/pan, enough to cover the dumplings.

Heat oil to 350F or 180C, carefully place dumplings in one-by-one, deep fry for 3 minutes or until golden-brown. 

Air Fry

Place individual dumplings into the air fryer basket.

Spray generously with oil, making sure to spray all sides.

Air fry the frozen dumplings for 8 minutes at 375F or 190C.

If you would like crisper dumplings, shake the basket and continue to air fry for 2 more minutes.