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On Adventures

The ultimate adventure treat!

Indulge your friends or simply treat yourself.

Here's how to bring dumplings on adventures... 

Make sure dumpling pack (inner pouch) vacuum seal is intact before departing, keep away from direct sunlight and extreme heat, ideally near the middle of your pack.

For overnight adventures, simply place a homemade ice pack inside the outer pouch. This simple trick will keep your dumplings cool all day until it is meal time, dumplings will keep for approximately 24hrs with an ice pack. To be safe, we recommend bagging the sauce packet to ensure you don’t lose any precious liquid due to unexpected impacts to your bag. 

We do not recommend bringing dumplings on multi-day adventures unless you are planning to cook dumplings for night 1 dinner or cold storage is available.

Dumplings will keep thawed in vacuum seal for 3 days at fridge temperatures (4°C or below).

Cooking methods

Fry pan: follow instructions on bag, use aluminium foil for a lid and place sauce container in the middle as a weight but also to be gently heated (be sure to pack out all packaging using dumpling pouch). 

Pot/Jet boil: bring water to a boil, carefully submerge inner vacuum pouch in water, cover with lid or submerge pouch with a heavy object, cook for 9-11 minutes.