Handmade Dumplings | Whistler, BC

Small batch

We make it all from scratch, right here in Whistler. The wrappers, the fillings, and even our own unique chili oil.

Our dumplings come frozen, pre-cooked and vacuum sealed - ready to be enjoyed in the backcountry, the comfort of your home and everywhere in-between.

Choose from one of our three flavours, or better yet, try them all. The best part about our dumplings, our ridiculously good homemade chili oil, you'll understand why when you try it...

All prices are tax inclusive.

Protecting endangered old-growth forests in BC

We owe Mother Nature everything, including these delicious dumplings.

That is why we are supporting the Ancient Forest Alliance (AFA), a BC non-profit organization working to protect endangered old-growth forests and ensure a sustainable, second-growth forest industry. We are donating 5% of our profits to help support their mission. 

Learn more about the AFA and why we need to protect old-growth forests here.

Image by TJ Watt