What is the best way to prepare the dumplings? 

Our favourite method is the stovetop method - crispy bottoms, supple tops - you can't go wrong.

Although if you're in a rush, honestly, there is nothing wrong with throwing them in the microwave! We know this might sound like dumpling blasphemy but when you have a high quality wrapper we promise they're just as good, they just don't have that crispy bottom. 

How spicy is your chili oil?

We would rate our chili oil as mild, just enough to pique the senses.

Do you deliver outside of Whistler?

Unfortunately not at this stage. 

Do you offer same-day pickup or delivery? 

We do our best to fulfill orders as soon as we receive them. Sometimes this can be same-day, at the latest it will always be ready for pickup or delivery the next day after you place your order.

Do you deliver ready-to-eat dumplings? 

We are assessing ready-to-eat delivery options but want to ensure the quality of our dumplings are not sacrificed in the process. 

Do you have a physical location?

Our vision is to be serving hot, fresh dumplings in the future but we haven’t found a physical or mobile space to call home yet. For now, our pork ginger and vegan shiitake dumplings are available to be ordered off the menu at RMU Whistler in the Upper Village.

All flavours are available frozen online.

Do I have to use a non-stick fry pan? 

Technically no, the potsticker cooking method means you can use any pan to cook dumplings it just requires a little more patience. If you are using a pan that is not non-stick, ensure the pan is pre-heated before placing oil and dumplings down, once the water has evaporated, leave dumplings to cool for longer in the pan after turning off the heat before trying to remove them, if you are struggling to remove them without resistance, let dumplings cool for longer and try again. If attempting the dumpling skirt, then yes, a non-stick pan is a must. 

What type of oil should I use? 

It is usually recommended to use a neutral oil (vegetable/sunflower/canola) but given the small amount being used there will be minimal to no flavour impacts if you only have a stronger flavoured oil such as olive oil available. 

How long will dumplings keep thawed? 

To be safe, consume dumplings within 3 days after thawed (maintained at 4c or colder). If kept out at room temperature, consume within 24 hours.

Will you ever have a gluten-free option? 

Yes! We have finally managed to unlock our gluten-free wrapper, filling and sauce recipes. Whilst it isn't available for public sale, we are hoping to make them available on a local menu very soon. Watch this space for some exciting news on when our gluten-free option will be available.

Do you sell your ridiculously good homemade chili oil in larger quantities?

After nine long months, we have finally completed the necessary food safety validation to allow us to sell our chili oil by the jar. The final step is finalising our labels in accordance with CFIA requirements before sending to print.

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch here.